Wind Project

Repowering India involved in Electrical projects of wind farm construction and implementations. We provide complete solution of supply, installation, commissioning of Unit Substation along with Overhead Line upto 33kV. We provide following project implementation supports in wind farm development.

Electrical Unit Substation / HT Yard

SCADA Cabling and Connectivity

Electrical Unit Substation / HT Yard

Project Liasioning with SEB

Wind Project & Implementation Services

Repowering India are involved project implementation and Value added services in Wind Sector. We uses State-of-the-art tools and techniques for wind farm design and assessment of Annual Energy Production.

Technical Due Diligence (TDD)

Technical Due Diligence Services is once of detailed evaluation method to assess the performance Wind Turbine Generator Service Provider. We will do the complete investigation of the wind turbine along with document reviews, generation reviews, breakdown reviews, etc., we suggest investors to perform this service yearly once to have better clarity of their assets and its performance. Moreover, this will help them avail better services from the Operation and Maintenance Service Provider.

Inspection of Wind Turbine and its components

Inspection of BoP and its components

Vibration Analysis

Blade Inspection using Drones

Document Reviews

Generation report reviews

Wind Resource Assessment Studies

Assessing wind resources is one of the most important processes in wind energy development. This study will help investors in two ways. One is to find out good wind sites before projects, and another one is it will help us to know production estimation for the implemented projects. Eagle has been working with both segments and done more than 2000 MW size of projects.

Field Visit

Site Assessment

Historical Data Collection

Micro Siting

Production Estimation

Detailed Project Report

Monitoring Services

Repowering India provides monitoring services in two different aspects. One will serve for project monitoring during the project implementation phase, and another will serve for asset monitoring, which is during the asset in operation and maintenance. This is applicable to ensure productivity as scheduled and committed. We have extensive experience in both the implementation and asset monitoring phases of services.

Reports Reviews

Contracts Reviews

Deployment of Engineer

Coordination with OEM / Service Reports

Inspection of the components

Process Control with service provider